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Helium Tank (XXLarge - Size 100)

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HK$650.00 HK$670.00

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Helium Tank have 4 size, come with a filling nozzle

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Have inflation service, details please contact CS

Christmas holiday buy Helium Tank enjoy delivery fee discount
Deliver to Door just +$70/bottle only

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Order Online first and can pickup anytime as above.  Call 55065835, in 5-8 minutes before arrival, it would avoid waiting for each other.

Delivery Methods

Deliver to Door
  • Arrive in about 1-2 working days, can not specify time of arrival
  • Deliver to Hotel Reception or Building Management Office or Party Room Reception is OK
  • Delivery fee $80/bottle (Size 30 and Size 50)
  • Delivery fee $100/bottle (Size 70 and Size 100)

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  • To pickup on the Van. Deliver to door would incur extra charges
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Payment Methods

Reminder:send the payment record to WhatsApp 55065835 click link,to confirm the order with CS

Phone 55065835

Phone 55065835

ID: GoodMomentHK

Ebanking / ATM transfer to Hang Seng Bank
A/C: 769 275819 883
Name: Good Moment Company

How many balloons would helium tank fill?

(Size 30)
(Size 50)
(Size 70)
(Size 100)
Weight: 3 KG 4 KG 5 KG 6 KG
Box CM: 20x20

Filling Latex Balloon quantity (around)
  10 inch 30 50 70 100
  12 inch 20-25 35-40 40-50 60-70
  18 inch 4-5 5-8 7-9 10-15
  24 inch 2 3-6 6-8 8-10
  36 inch   2-4 3-6 4-7

Filling Foil Balloon quantity (around)
  18 inch 15-20 18-25 22-30 35-43
  36 inch 1-2 2-5 3-6 5-8
The above filling quantity is for reference only, it varies depends on the operation of inflating, avoid helium leakage can achieve the best results.
  • floating balloon size requirement
    • latex: 10 inch
    • star heart & round foil: 18 inch
    • letter foil balloon: 40 inch
  • floating duration
    • latex: 6-10 hours
    • foil: 2 days above
  • greater the inflation, longer the floating time, but the number of fillings will decrease.
  • Helium is an inert gas, non-toxic and non-flammable!! This helium tank is for inflating balloon only and should not be used in other fields.

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